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06. listopada 2015 05:40:00

A young girl wonders through her home, searching. She knows that it's here, somewhere. Walking into her parent's bedroom she sees it, shining, luminescent among the common cloth found in most closets. But this blue dress was special. It was her magical blue dress. She came alive from just a light touch of its angelic fabric. Seizing the moment to rescue the glowing garment from its dreary fate she fluttered away in gleeful anticipation.

Cradling it to her body she stands before a mirror to imagine herself wrapped in its loving embrace. Dancing across the floor of her home, spinning round; visions of one day becoming a graceful ballerina take over her imagination. Slipping into her magical blue dress, she maneuvers effortlessly across the floor, each toe pointed perfectly upon the tattered stage.

Standing in the wings of a lavishly adorned theatre, she holds position in the darkness. Then, from the silence, Waltz of Flowers begins to emerge, rising from the orchestral pit. As the lights find her on stage, her body flows in time to Tchaikovsky's melodic masterpiece. The darkness of the theatre bathed in light as the stage is flooded with vibrant hues of pink and blue. The young girl accompanied by her fellow dancers embody the wonderment of this festive dance. The audience sits in delighted ecstasy as each movement is played out with breathtaking accuracy and poise.

Image: princess wedding dresses

Moving into a pirouette à la seconde, the dress moves around her like flowing water round a bend. The world fading into a blur. Descending from the pirouette, the skirt settled about her like a cloud. Before her, the stage was gone

Sitting now in a colorful meadow, playing hostess at a curious picnic. Attending this illustrious feast, an unconvincingly ferocious tiger, a peculiar young woman adorned in rainbows and an unassuming bear with a picture across his belly. Without pause to consider how she may have arrived at this peculiar menagerie, the young girl smiled courteously at her unexpected guests. Enjoying exotic fruits and cheeses, they each listened intently as she recounted for them tales of her many adventures.

How she was truly an alien princess, sent to Earth disguised as a common human child so that the interlopers coveting her mother's throne could not complete their devious plan. Point of fact, she was a Tiger Princess known across the galaxy as Camille, the most precious and beautiful girl in all the universe; beloved by all. She knew that someday, somewhere a ship would arrive to escort her away from this place. And she would be welcomed back into her kingdom, an entire galaxy waiting for her return.

The fog of her reverie is abruptly disturbed by the ominous roar of an approaching engine. In a panic the young girl quickly ascends from her regalement, fleeing for the safety of her room; leaving behind a starving cat to nibble on grapes and cheddar cheese. She moves with some speed slamming the door behind.

It's too soon, if they find her now, it'll be all over. No more adventuring, no more dance recitals, no more magical blue dress. She didn't even get to tell her lunch guests about the time she was revered as a goddess by a primitive tribe. Or how she narrowly escaped the clutches of a nefarious pirate captain who wanted to take a bride. She knew what had to be done.

In a mad fervor she cast off her magical blue dress. Spinning round and reaching out for another costume. She quickly donned its seemingly average garb to take on the persona of her assumed role; knowing these clothes would hide her misadventures from the impending incursion into her fantastical world.

Stuffing away the dress under her bed, she calmed herself. The jostling of the front door knob made the hair on the nape of her neck rise. Times up. She emerged from her room. Greeting her parents with a smile and a hug, her ruse was set in place. They hopefully didn't suspect a thing had gone awry. So long as they might disregard the cat sitting on a blanket eating cheese.

Her mother, looking around the home, probably enthused that she had managed on her own without burning the house down, asked...

"How was your day young man?"

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04. listopada 2015 07:08:00

“Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” — Yves Saint Laurent

It’s a cardinal rule that every woman should have an ample amount of dresses in her closet. There should be five at the most, in varying prints, sizes and silhouettes. We all know the undisputable rule of the Little Black Dress (LBD) that transcends time and space — perfect for the office, cocktail hour, dinner party or even a wedding. Dresses are a timeless closet essential as they carry an air of femininity, one that is both attractive and enduring.

With spring in full swing, and Harare eagerly waiting for full blown summer, we cannot help but anticipate outdoor braais, brunches, parties and, of course, the occasional girls’ get together. With Edgars’ exciting Spring/Summer 2015 range, there is nothing short of Summer fun with their assorted range of dresses, fit for any occasion. Here are our top five picks:


Iamge: junior bridesmaid dresses uk

The Denim Shirt Dress

Denim is always a casual favourite, either as a pair of jeans or a denim shirt. Channelling the denim shirt dress under the Kelso & Free2BU ranges is perfect for the urban fashion lover. Style the dress to a street wear persona either cinched in at the waist with a bold belt, or laid back with black leggings. The denim shirt dress is versatile and easy to wear but still carries a stylish identity.

The Little Black Dress

Undoubtedly a staple for the modern woman, and unmistakeably chic! The little black dress (LBD) has graced the fashion pages for decades and will be around for even more decades to come! Nothing is more daring than a perfect LBD in the right size; one that captures the essence of a woman’s silhouette and confidence. The Kelso LBD epitomises both the office and happy hour with lace detailing that is both modern and classy.

Printed Shift Dress

We can’t help but capture the essence of fun, light and easy breezy when it comes to the Kelso Casual Monochrome Shift dress, which has comfort written all over it! Perfect for a sunny day out (and even more daring for a festival); this little frock does not disappoint but is simply oh-so-perfect!

The Little White Dress (LWD)

The little white dress has become the unconventional basic. Forget weddings and church events reserved strictly for white, but bring it out to the modern up-tempo of crisp clean whites, that have moved from being conservative and reserved to actually being contemporary and chic. The Kelso LWD has a bonus factor for its incorporation of crotchet (which could be viewed as a lace overlay by some), but it sets it above from just being a plain white dress.

Stripes and Prints

Nothing can complete a closet better than a good investment in stripes and print! Both are equally versatile and both are equally flattering to a woman’s body (if chosen according to the right structure and fit). Stripes and print are perfect to add a little more colour to your everyday look and to also create balance with bolder pieces at your disposal. The Kelso S/S 2015 range gives you horizontal stripes and graphic print dresses that are for any age but perfect to incorporate into work wear.

So this summer, the options are endless when it comes to choosing a dress for each day of the week and with a variety of styles to select from. Edgars Stores Zimbabwe gives the modern woman both classy and contemporary options in an array of bold prints, basic hues and casual street style.

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Carey Mulligan shimmers in sparkly black dress as she swaps mommy duties for a night out at Hollywood Film Awards

She flew into LA in full mommy mode cradling her baby daughter but a day later, Carey Mulligan was all Hollywood glamour at a star-studded awards show.

The 30-year-old actress shimmered in a below-the-knee black cocktail dress with a layered skirt and a cross halter neck.

She matched the sequins embedded in her frock with a pair of black and silver pumps.

The new mom left her shoulder-length brunette hair loose in soft curls and added some diamond earrings.

Winner: Mulligan was at the event held in beverly Hills to collect the Hollywood Actress Award

Dress: bridesmaid dresses under 100

Mulligan, who stars in the film Suffragette with Meryl Streep, was at the event to pick up the Hollywood Actress Award.

She looked so stunning it was hard to believe she'd given birth to daughter Evelyn just five weeks ago.

The Great Gatsby and An Education beauty gave the world a first glimpse of her infant daughter after she touched down at LAX Saturday with husband Marcus Mumford.

As they exited the airport, Mulligan carried Evelyn in a front sling with the little girl bundled up in a onesie and knitted cap.

The actress kept a protective hand placed gently on her head as she followed her husband who was pushing their luggage on an airport cart.

The couple, who wed in April 2012, have kept their baby out of the spotlight and have rarely spoken about her publicly.

But as Mulligan promoted her new film Suffragette, she let a few tantalizing details slip about being a new mother.

She revealed her daughter's name last week at the New York premiere for the film and she admitted to E! News that promoting a film while nursing an infant is not easy.

'The last couple of weeks have been pretty stressful,' she said. 'Doing press and doing it with a tiny baby, timing has been very important and babies do what they want, which is a challenge.'

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A thigh-skimming sweater dress Komentarze (0)
29. października 2015 03:42:00

Maria Menounos displays her sculpted legs in a thigh-skimming sweater dress and sexy over-the-knee boots

Maria Menounos put a saucy spin on the fall favourite sweater dress on Wednesday.

The 37-year-old TV personality was seen posing in Theory's sleeveless grey turtleneck mini while arriving back at E! studios in Los Angeles, California.

She heated things up by sporting sexy black over-the-knee boots, created by Stuart Weitzman, with her knitwear.

Maria's brunette locks were slicked back and flowing down, as her face was made up with a soft palette of make-up.

The Massachusetts native had just come from a taping of her radio show, Conversations With Maria Menounos, on Sirius Radio in Los Angeles.

She appeared to have a wardrobe change, previously seen sharing a snap of her talk show ensemble alongside guest, former Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr.

Slick: Maria's hair was sleeked back, showing off her flawless complexion

Photo: junior bridesmaid dresses

'Laughter & tears with itsmejessicaszohr today on SiriusXM #Conversations109 - if you missed our conversation, get it on demand on,' Maria wrote on Instagram with a snap of the two.

The news anchor and author stepped into the shoes of former host Giuliana Rancic at E! News in August.

And she recently took the opportunity to set the record straight about taking over E! News from Giuliana - insisting she didn't steal anyone's job.

After replacing the long-time anchor, Maria told Redbook magazine's October issue that she didn't push Giuliana off the show.

Maria insisted she has a 'pretty strict code' of ethics when it comes to work.

'When I was being sought after by E!, I made it very clear to them that I didn't want to be coming over to take somebody's job. And I was assured that wasn't the case,' Maria said.

'I remember years ago, I was asked to replace someone with a sick child. I was young and it would have been a huge job for me, but I told them I couldn't take it.

'I have a pretty strict code with these kinds of things. If a guy beats another guy out for job, it's like, ''Hey, congratulations''. With women, it's a different story,' she added.

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High fashion and unfashionably late stars at ‘Miss You Already’ screening

I was told, “Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette, stars of ‘Miss You Already,’ plus VIPs Ed Norton, Cuba Gooding, Nicole Miller, Kick Kennedy, arrive 6 p.m.” Host Andrew Saffir didn’t. Nobody showed until 7ish. I sat alone in empty MoMA.

Earliest arrival, Lee Radziwill. Skinnier than my house key and seeming frail. Next, June Ambrose, Jay Z’s stylist. Someone whispered, “She’s wearing a Balmain that hasn’t come out yet.” And shouldn’t. Too short, too tight, too gold-embroidered. Also, she kept pulling up her crotch-high boots.

Down-to-earth Drew Barrymore actually kneeled down to chat. “I’m wearing Stella McCartney.” Stunning Drew’s dark appliquéd gown was a knockout. Also knocked out was the front, which showed everything but her scrapbook. Laughing, she tugged it closed. Said Toni Collette: “She’s shy. Not a tit kind of girl.”

Drew: “Who knows if this gown’s mine for keeps or not? I didn’t ask. Stella’s my dear friend. I love her. Friends play a big part in my life. This film’s about valuing friendship. Two women. I have two daughters. In the end, friends are all you have. Women put one foot in front of another. They’re heroes in life.”

High fashion and unfashionably late stars at ‘Miss You Already’ screening

Image: bridesmaids dresses under 100

The gorgeous gown was form-fitting. She manage to eat anything? “Please. I had lunch at Pastrami Queen. Big deli sandwich.”

Collette: “I play a charismatic, complicated woman who relies on those around her when becoming ill. We had lots of input so as not to mess up. I even checked with a family member who had a similar condition, and it’s a bitch.

“In the movie, I have a double mastectomy scene. It wasn’t as bad as you’d imagine because I actually have nothing up there to show in the first place.”

Jacqueline Bisset: “I play a small part. A flaky actress dingbat who annoys her daughter, with whom she hasn’t a good relationship. But what’s consuming me now is politics. I can’t stand what’s happening. Everything’s so difficult. I follow, but I get upset. I speak to about 15 people a day. All about politics. I like Obama. He’s so distinguished. And I respect everything Obama does.”

You a Democratic voter?

“I live in California, but I can’t vote. I’m British.”

Not that I’m one to brag…

Pardon — but back while every newscaster, reporter, pollster burbled about will-Biden-won’t-Biden, and before he weaseled out, I told you — flat-out! — he’s going no place. Not like I didn’t think so. I knew. Too old, too chicken, too often he tried and lost, too standoffish in terms of romancing fund-raisers and contributions. He just wanted limelight. I told you!

Please try to pay attention

The shmatta industry’s sewed up Hillary. Vogue’s Anna Wintour, bridal’s Vera Wang, Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman went Dutch on a cocktail fund-raiser . . .

April brings Cirque du Soleil: 38 aerialists, athletes, street pros, tightrope walkers and “acrobats defying imagination” . . .

A-Rod sniffing out investments. With FM Capital Partners he just bought 700 Ohio apartments.

Odds & ends

Designer Zang Toi, who dresses A-1 ladies, creating a line of greeting cards . . .

NY-1 anchors and anchorettes going on location to interview and mix it up in Greenwich Village’s annual Halloween Parade . . .

John Grisham bought his eighth home. Amelia Island, Fla. . . .

2014’s gold-medalist ice-skaters Meryl Davis and Charlie White, who’ve been on our Rock Rink, to again compete in Pyeongchang, South Korea’s 2018 Winter Olympics.

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